Journey of Change Twin Pack

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A change for convenience, safety, and sustainability, with you and the environment in mind.

Throughout the months in service to all of our customers, we have been humbly collecting feedback to find ways to further improve the customer experience.

It has come to our attention that a dear customer of ours has accidentally dropped our glass jar which shattered on the floor. We at Sanren Journey do not ever wish to create a dangerous situation for any of our customers and their family.

With that in mind, Sanren Journey has decided to switch all glass packaging to PET, making sure that our products are more user friendly, safe, and convenient.

Fun Fact: Did you know that only 30% of new bottles are made from recycled glass? A far lower percentage as compared to PET. This was another driving factor that made it certain for us to make the switch.

Join us in the journey to make the world a safer, better, and cleaner place as we gradually transition our packaging to fully PET, starting with the Journey of Change Twin Pack (1 Glass Bottle + 1 PET Bottle)

Get your hands on the Journey of Change Twin Pack with our Fabric Sanitiser and Fabric Conditioner in the improved packaging.

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