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Sanren Journey

The Leap of the Tiger Gift Set

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Have your home clean, fresh, and ready to usher in the prosperous new year with our new signature fragrance that perfectly fits the occasion, the Chronicle of the Mandarin!

The best gifts are moments one can keep for a lifetime. A gift of a lasting impression. Anchor the precious memories with the aroma of mandarin and thyme. Start the new year with a scent of prosperity, the Chronicles of the Mandarin.

Introducing the Chronicles of the Mandarin, a new fragrance for a new year:

Wind the clock back and visit an oriental village on the mountain top, far away from the city. Stroll through the close-knit neighbourhood and witness the well-conserved family tradition of scented sachet embroidering as you detect the aroma of mandarin and thyme with a cedarwood base note.

We can't wait for you to experience our new signature scent!

What's in the box:

  • The Classic Laundry Soda 750g
  • (NEW) Chronicle of the Mandarin
    • Fabric Sanitiser 450ml
    • Fabric Sanitiser 200ml 
    • Fabric Conditioner 200ml 
    • Fabric Sanitiser 50ml
    • Hand & Delicate Wash 50ml
  • Lost in Wooods
    • Fabric Conditioner 200ml 
    • Hand & Delicate Wash 50ml
  • Fabric Stains Eraser Twin Pack
  • Comes in a custom made raw pinewood box
  • Empty Wish Card (Drop us a message at the "Chat with Us" button in the website for customised wish card message


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