The Enchanted Colour Absorber (30 Sheets)

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Have you ever felt too lazy and you just pulled out your clothes from dirty laundry basket and thrown it in the washing machine all together? You pressed the start button and in the end… “Amazing”

Everything was a mishmash of colors.
White clothes probably became pink, blue got a shade of purple… And your perfect dressing combination – well, it belongs to the past now.

The Enchanted Colour Absorber to the rescue

It is designed to capture dye molecules that leak from clothes, and thus neutralize possibility of your white clothes catching any other dye. So, you don't have to worry about the complicated laundry days.

No More Separating Garments

As the sheet protects effectively against colour transfer, sorting your laundry is no more needed.

Less Time, Less Loads, Less Water

There’s no need to separate garments into different loads of similar colour, which means you reduced the number of wash loads to save you electricity and water

Nano Technology & Environment Friendly

The Nano anti-dye absorption sheet contains ultra-absorbent fibres. It ensure fast absorption of colour and dirt which are released during the wash cycle. 

Our sheets consists of natural fibres made from cellulose. No more drained away colour molecules from your shirts that will cause pollution to the environment

  • Effective in all water temperatures
  • Biodegradable and environment friendly

(How? The sheets are made from natural fibres, and by using our product, you saved tons of water and energy because you no longer need to separates your garments into loads of similar colour)

How it Works 

Well, when you wash color clothes, some of the dye bleeds out and gets dissolved in the water. So now you have color molecules floating around in search of something to stick on.

When they get to your white shirt these molecules grab on, adding thin “film” of color to it. Your shirt is ruined and the rest of free color molecules that didn’t “catch on” gets drained away polluting the environment.

The Nano anti-dye absorption sheet contains ultra-absorbent fibres. It acts like a magnet, ensure fast absorption of colour and residues of dirt which are released during the wash cycle so it doesn't end up on your clothes.


Place sheets into the washing machine drum. Do not place absorber sheets in dispenser. 

** Do not overload washer, as it will restrict the Colour Absorber’s ability to move freely through wash and absorb maximum dye. 

** We don't encourage mix colour wash for NEW garments
At the complete of the wash, remove and dispose the sheets.

Normal Garments: 2-3 Sheets
Dark Garments: 4-5 Sheets

Please refer to our FAQ for detailed information about our The Enchanted Colour Absorber before using.