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Sanren Journey

The Journey of Discovery

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The journey of life is truly an unpredictable one. Sometimes we don't know what is in store ahead of us. But the unpredictability is what makes life so exciting. We may discover new things that we love or learn new things that ease the journey. The uncertainty may be daunting, but it is absolutely necessary to have a life worth living.

We must remember that it is not about the destination but the journey itself. Collecting memories that we will reminisce with a smile.

With the Journey of Discovery, get a glimpse of what Sanren Journey is truly about. Let your imagination run wild and explore new ways to enhance the experience and make laundry a task more meaningful.

  • Lost in Wooods Fabric Sanitiser 50ml
  • Some Butterflies Fabric Sanitiser 50ml
  • Lost in Wooods Fabric Conditioner 50ml
  • Some Butterflies Fabric Conditioner 50ml
  • Lost in Wooods Hand & Delicate Laundry 50ml
  • Some Butterflies Hand & Delicate Laundry 50ml

*Note: This item can't be shipped to East Malaysia