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Sanren Journey

The Classic Laundry Soda 750g

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An ultra-concentrated laundry soda designed to keep your clothes whiter, brighter, and fresher. Definitely the detergent your laundry deserves.

The Classic Laundry Soda is made with a low suds formula that gets the job done impeccably while being gentle on your fabric and washing machine drums. It keeps excess lather from interfering with the cleaning motion in the washer drum, resulting in properly rinsed laundry with no excess residue.

With no additional fragrances in the mix, experience the perfectly clean and fresh laundry as you would with the sun-dried process

For users who prefer their laundry scented, you can pair this with our Fabric Conditioner!

Worried that it may not suit your washing machine? Rest assured, your top or front loading washing machines can definitely handle our laundry soda.

Directions & Precautions

Use 25ml of The Classic Laundry Soda for each standard sized load.

Standard size load (5 - 7 kg)

Large size load (8- 10 kg)

Always refer the washing instructions of the garment manufacturer and follow their instructions at all time.


Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Silicate, Nonionic Surfactants